European Project Dissemination Session



G gerini 1 Giampiero Gerini



For the fourth time, the European Optical Society organizes the special European Project Dissemination Session. This session gives the opportunity to on-going/or just finished projects, supported by the European Union, to present an overview of their goals and their major achievements and activities.

EOSAM will also include a talk of an EU representative about the new European Research Framework, after Horizon2020, illustrating the Commission's new expectations and new funding opportunities.

Submitting to this session:

Include a one-, maximum two-page abstract, with name of the project, key aims and activities, achievements, and institutions involved.

Specify the name of the presenter (person who will be onsite in Porto to deliver the presentation).

Abstract pdf will be given to the attendees for information, but will not be included in the official proceedings of the conference.