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Optics (DE)



The topical meeting (TOM) on Optics and Arts focusses on the interface between Optics and Arts. In principle two aspects are addressed here: artistic issues and issues, which are related to methods or metrology to evaluate contemporary and historic art work of cultural heritage.

Artistic issues in cinematography, photography and architectural illumination are not easy to describe by classical scientific or engineering models. On the other hand producers of optical devices such as objective lenses, cameras and illumination systems require unambiguous models to produce a technical instrument which transports the artistic message of the cinematographer, the photographer or the gallerist.

In this subtopic, scientists, optical engineers but also cinematographer, photographer are invited to present their results, their approach or their experience in the field of optical lens design for cine-lenses, still-camera lenses, digitalization in the field of cinematography and photography. Also contributions concerning illumination aspects being related to artistic aspects are welcome.

Compared to industrial metrology, metrology to evaluate contemporary art or work of cultural heritage faces different boundary conditions. Contactless, harmless multispectral optical methods such as spectroscopy, tomography, interferometry and 3D-measurement give rise to a quantity of information on the investigated art piece.

In this subtopic all scientific contributions dealing with methods and metrology for the evaluation of art pieces are invited. This may concern investigation on authenticity and provenience, LED illumination for art, multispectral methods for restoration of historic movies, but also all type of spectroscopic, interferometric, 3D-measurement, or further optical techniques to investigate or preserve cultural heritage.


  • Optics for cinematography
  • Lens design for cine-objective lenses,
  • Digitalization and cinematography,
  • Optical systems for projection,
  • Illumination
  • Optics for still image camera systems and consumer optics
  • Optical systems for mobile phone cameras
  • Lens design for still image cameras
  • Optical metrology for arts, archeology and cultural heritage (details will soon be defined)
  • Illumination and arts (details will soon be defined)


Program Committee

Aurelian Dodoc,

Leitz-Cine AG, Wetzlar, (DE)


Jon Fauer,

 FDT - Film and Digital Times, Williamsport (US)


Peter Karbe,

Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, (DE)


Julius Muschaweck,

JMO GmbH, Munich, (DE)

Matthias Pesch,

ARRI – Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG, Munich, (DE)


Michael Pfeffer,

RWU - Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, (DE)


Marcello Picollo,

Universita degli Studii Firenze, (IT)


Peter Slansky,

HFF - University of Television and Film Munich, (DE)

Valentina Raimondi,

Universita degli Studii Firenze, (IT)


Henning Rehn,

FISBA Optics, St. Gallen, (CH)


Kristina Uhlendorf,

Jabil Optics Germany GmbH, (DE)