EOS Board election

Voting period: 15 June- 15 AUGUST, 2018

This year (2018) is an election year for the EOS Board and there are four seats to be filled.
We invite all EOS members to vote on the election. The election will be held during 15 June – 15 August, 2018.
Each EOS member is entitled to vote up 4 candidates for the Board. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to vote for candidates for the Board during the summer. Each EOS member will receive an email with a link to vote on 15 June 2018, from Opavote. The vote can only be cast once.
Candidates for the EOS Board Election
1 bertolotti statement eos 2018Marrio Bertolotti statement (IT), looking for second election
5 bood statement eos 2018Joachim Bood statement  (SE) 
4 mfcosta statment eos 2018Manuel Filipe P.C. Martins Costa statement (PT)
8 czarske statement eos 2018Jürgen Czarske statement  (DE)
3 gardes statement eos 2018Frederic Gardes statement (UK)
7 massajada statement eos 2018Jan Massajada statement (PL)
10 pauliat statement eos 2018Gilles Pauliat statement (FR)
9 pfeffer statement eos 2018Michael Pfeffer statement (DE)
6 poulain statement eos 2018Marcel Poulain statement  (FR)
2 roussey statement eos 2018Matthieu Roussey statement  (FI)
The candidate profiles can be dowloaded by clicking on the candidate name. 

Contact details:
EOS Office
+358 50 592 4693