Topical Meeting on Integrated Optics (IntOp)

From Tuesday, 26 november 2019 to Thursday, 28 november 2019

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Optical on-chip integration celebrates its 50th anniversary!

For this occasion, the European Optical Society organizes its first topical meeting on Integrated Optics.

This event has the objective to bring together senior and junior scientists around the challenges that we are facing now in our field. While passing from an optical laboratory to an handheld device, the size, the cost, and the power consumption has to be reduced. Applied Science and Engineering have to merge to tackle these issues!

Beyond the technical and scientific symposium, the conference is for both Industry and Academy who are playing an important role in this tremendous field. This long-term cooperation has always been the driving force, which makes nowadays Integrated Optics the unavoidable tool for future devices.

For this first meeting we expect a broad international audience. The main goals of the event are to meet around informal discussions, comforting collaborations, sharing ideas with academic and industrial partners.



The conference will be held in Joensuu, Finland.The venue is located in the North Karelia region of Finland. In addition to the scientific program and the industrial exhibition, the attendees will have an opportunity to experience the unique Finnish spirit and some of the local delicacies during the evening events.


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The scope of the conference is large, since integrated Optics and Photonics rely on many challenges. We therefore propose (but we are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Devices: From design to fabrication and characterization, the building blocks of integrated optics require a thorough understanding and challenging techniques. It include passive, active, and tunable devices.
  • Materials: Silicon, silicon-based materials, III-V compounds, glasses, lithium niobate, polymers, 2D materials are some of the key materials allowing the expansion of the field of research.
  • Applications: Telecommunication, quantum optics, sensing are among the most straightforward and important applications of integrated optics.
  • Towards industry: scaling up the fabrication, packaging, electronic hybridization…

Make your conference count: EOS will publish all accepted and presented abstracts online and in open access.


Graham T. Reed (Southampton, UK)

Andrey Lipovskii (St. Petersburg U., Russia)

Marc Reig Escalé (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Maria-Pilar Bernal (FEMTO-ST, France)


Matthieu Roussey (co-chair, Finland)

Nadège Courjal (co-chair, France)


Save the date and join us in Joensuu at the end of the year!


Organizing Committee

  Matthieu Roussey (co-chair, Finland)

  Nadège Courjal (co-chair, France)

  Hannele Karppinen (EOS representative)

  Elina Koistinen (EOS representative)