This topical meeting series on diffractive optics was established in 1995, with the inaugural meeting in Prague. The series continued with meetings in Savonlinna (1997), Jena (1999), Budapest (2001), Oxford (2003), Warsaw (2005), Barcelona (2007), Koli (2010), and Delft (2012). In 2014 and 2016 the Diffractive Optics meetings were arranged as a part of EOSAM. Recently, however, it was re-established as an independent EOS Topical Meeting series, with the first gathering in Joensuu in 2017 and the second to be organized in Jena in September 2019.


Jari Turunen, University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
Frank Wyrowski,  Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (Germany)

International Program Committee

Benfeng Bai (China)
Pierre Chavel (France)
Hans Peter Herzig (Switzerland)
Jürgen Jahns (Germany)
Bernard Kress (USA)
Irina Livshits (Russia)
Jesús Lancis (Spain)
Paul Urbach (Netherlands)
Site Zhang (Germany)