Guest of Honor and Plenary Speaker

Bernardkress 1
Bernard Kress, Microsoft, USA

After 50 years in the making,
have diffractives finally captured the attention of mainstream industry?




Invited Speakers

 Benfengpai Benfeng Bai, Tsinghua University, China
  Manipulation and near-field characterization of optical spin-obit interactions in nanostructures




  Svenburger Sven Burger, Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany

  Spectral Expansion of the Scattering Response of Resonant Nanostructures




   AndreaserdmannAndreas Erdmann, Fraunhofer IISB Erlangen, Germany
  Understanding and Optimization of EUV Light Diffraction and Imaging for Lithography




                     Patrice Genevet, Université côte d’azur, France

                     Semiconductor Metasurfaces and Applications


  MichaelgolubMichael A. Golub, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  Non-paraxial design of diffractive optical elements and meta-surfaces




 Tommi hakalaTommi Hakala, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
 Condensation and lasing phenomena in periodic nanoparticle lattices




  Jurgen jahnsJürgen Jahns, Fernuniversität in Hagen, Germany
  Planar-integrated free-space optics - old concept, new applications




Uwe Zeitner, Fraunhofer IOF Jena, Germany
Tailored diffraction by lithographically realized nano-structures