Second edition Face2Phase

From Monday, 21 october 2019 to Wednesday, 23 october 2019

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  • Technical University Delft, Science Center Delft - Delft

The second edition conference Face2Phase  addresses imaging with phase information and covers topics such as lensless imaging, aberration retrieval, adaptive and active optics, ptychography,  holography, tomography, phase retrieval and applications.

The Face2Phase event is co-organized with the AOIM XII  that will take place on 23-25 October 2019 in Delft.  Delagates of Face@Phase have full access to AOIM talks and program events, and delegates of AOIM have full access to the Face2Phase program (AO school is not included). Only one regitration (to any of these two events) is necessary.  The events are scheduld one after another to avoid parallel sessions: Face2Phase on 21-23 October, and AOIM on 23-25 Oct, with no overlap. 

Students and post docs are encouraged to submit their work for the talk or poster presentations.


Examples of the possible topics addressed at the conference:

  • Computational imaging
  • lensless imaging
  • Ptychography
  • Coherence
  • Phase singularities
  • Holography and applications
  • Adaptive and active optics
  • Diffraction (phase) tomography
  • OCT & phase contrast
  • Phase Retrieval methods
  • Aberration retrieval
Technical University Delft, Science Center Delft Mijnbouwstraat 120, 2628RX Delft Netherlands