Full individual members

Join the EOS as a full individual member and become a part of the European optics and photonics community!

As a student member, you can take advantage of our vast network at the beginning of your career, and get better connected!

You can become an EOS member by joining your National Optical Society, see details on the right.
Members of the EOS National Societies (list on the right) are automatically full individual members of EOS and can join the following benefits.
 Affiliated society members may upgrade their membership to receive the full benefits (see list on the right).

Benefits & Advantages


  • Reduced publication rates for JEOS:RP - the electronic Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid Publications
  • Free subscription to the Electro Optics Magazine published by Europa Science Ltd.
  • Free subscription to the Advanced Optical Technologies Journal (AOT) published by DeGruyter (starting beginning of 2012).
  • Free English Issue of Photoniques Magazine (automatically sent to your postal address unless opted out)

Topical Meetings & Conferences

  • Reduced registration fees for all EOS events
  • Reduced registration fees for all EOS co-sponsored events
  • Reduced registration fees to events organized by EOS Partners (see the MoUs here)

Please see our event calendar to discover the events where your EOS membership can save you a lot of money (http://www.europeanoptics.org/events)


  • Monthly EOS member newsletter (sent via email)

Distinctions, Travel, Voting Rights

  • Full voting rights
  • Opportunity for Fellow Distinction
  • International lecturer program of ICO

    • as an EOS member you have a possibility to apply for the ICO Travelling Lecturer Grant.
      The Travelling Lecturer program promotes lectures on modern aspects of optics in interested territories by scientists of international reputation with good lecturing skills. The program is aimed specially at developing nations, but is not necessarily restricted to them. Read more on the ICO website and apply for the grant!

Additional benefit for National society members

Any member of the following EOS National Society can submit papers and attend meetings organized by any other EOS National Society on this list on the same terms and at the same rates as the members of this EOS National Society:

SFO, France

DGAO, Germany

Photonics Finland, Finland

IOP Optical Group, UK and Ireland

SIOF, Italy

SOS, Sweden


Opportunities for Students

We offer chances for enthusiastic and interested students to become part of our conference teams. This is a great way to network, get connected with the inner circle, and learn about  the organization process of scientific conferences. We always offer opportunities like this first to our members. Student members can also contribute to local student clubs and much more. Join us and get connected!

Membership options

There are two options to join as an individual member:

1) Individual membership through an EOS National Society
Join us through an EOS National Society and get two memberships in one!

All individual members of the below listed societies are automatically full individual EOS members with all benefits:

Any member of the following associated national societies can upgrade their EOS membership at any time to become an individual member of EOS with full benefits (12,50€/member, 3€/student member):

Benefits for associated members without upgrade

* IOP members are asked to create a user account and announce IOP membership when registering, in order to activate their individual membership.


2) Direct individual membership

If there is no EOS National Society in you country, you can join EOS as Direct individual member

Annual fee: 50 €

Annual fee Student: 10 €

  • Register as a member here to access the EOS membership subcriptions.
  • Payment can be made via Paypal or wire transfer (invoice)


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