Corporate membership

Increase your company's or Institute's visibility and benefit from special rates for all advertising and sponsoring offers.

Benefits and advantages

Marketing & Advertising

  • 10% discount on advertising and sponsoring offers
  • Presence on the EOS Homepage
  • Free-of-charge publication of job offers in the EOS member newsletter

Publications & Conferences

Networking & Communication

  • Electronic communication from EOS
  • Full voting rights

EOS corporate members 

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Membership options

There are two options to join as a corporate member.

1) Direct corporate membership
Annual fee: 300 €. Payment options:

2) Corporate membership through an EOS Branch or Affiliated Society
Annual fee: 200 €. Select your preferred EOS Branch or Affiliated Society and click on the link for more information.

Through EOS Branches

Through Affiliated Societies

EOS Office
Tel: +358 50 592 46 93