Corporate membership

Increase your company's or Institute's visibility and benefit from special rates for all advertising and sponsoring offers.

Benefits and advantages

Marketing & Advertising

  • Significant discount on advertising and sponsoring offers
  • Presence on the EOS Homepage
  • Free-of-charge publication of job offers in the EOS member newsletter or the EOS LinkedIn Channel

Publications & Conferences

  • Reduced registration fees for all EOS-organised and co-sponsored events (2 employees per company)
  • Reduced registration fees to events organized by EOS Partners (2 employees per company, see list of partner societies here)
  • Significant discounts on exhibition booths at industrial exhibitions at EOS events (e.g. at the international EOSAM conferences)
  • SIgnificant discounts on sponsoring offers at events (e.g. at the international EOSAM conferences)
  • EOS newsletter
  • Reduced publication rates for JEOS:RP - the electronic Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid Publications
  • Free subscription to the Electro Optics Magazine published by Europa Science Ltd.
  • Free subscription to the Advanced Optical Technologies Journal AOT published by DeGruyter
  • Free English Issue of Photoniques Magazine (automatically sent to your postal address unless opted out)

Networking & Communication

  • Electronic communication from EOS
  • Full voting rights
  • Possibility to become part of the EOS Industrial Advisory Committee






Become member

Membership options

There are two options to join as a corporate member.

1) Direct corporate membership

Annual fee: 300 €

Payment options:

  • Register as a member here to access the EOS membership subscriptions.
  • Payment can be made via Paypal or wire transfer (invoice)

2) Corporate membership through an EOS Branch or Affiliated Society

Annual fee: 200 €

Select your preferred EOS Branch or Affiliated Society and click on the link to join them (See list below).
After becoming their member, subscribe for EOS membership here (select the discounted price of 200 €).

Through EOS Branches

Through Affiliated Societies

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