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Advanced Optical Technologies Journal (AOT)


Advanced Optical Technologies  is a new international journal on classical and modern optical research. Advanced Optical Technologies  addresses the market need for a high-quality academic journal with a strong focus on industry. In addition to publishing academic reviews, articles and letters,  Advanced Optical Technologies  introduces tutorials as a new industry related format and is committed to rapid publication of short industry communications. The journal will also be reporting on current industrial developments such as standards or regulations.

De Gruyter

All EOS members are entitled to free online access. Please contact EOS Office ( to gain access.

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Electro Optics magazine

Electro optics

Electro Optics is the leading European publication for the photonics industry, covering business, applications and technology.

The magazine is published 10 times a year (in both print and digital formats), and is essential reading for engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs involved in the business of photonics. It is packed with informed commentary, expert analysis, application stories, business trends and, of course, the latest news and products.

The magazine is supported by a website, , and two regular monthly email newsletters, EONewsline and EOProductline.

Europa Science Ltd.

Subscription is free to qualifying individuals from the EOS membership. To subscribe, go to .

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Photonics magazine

Photoniques is the magazine of the French Optical Society (SFO). The editor-in-chief is Dr. Nicolas Bonod, research director at CNRS, he carries out his research at the Fresnel Institute (Marseille). He is a member of the SFO Execom. The editorial board is composed of volunteer members of SFO, coming from the academic or industrial communities. By choosing the thematic dossiers and authors, the board aims at giving the most accurate and up-to-date snapshot of photonic solutions and research. More information  here .

In April 2017, Photoniques edited a special EOS issue in English. It is addressed to the whole photonics community throughout the 21 countries involved in the European Optical Society (EOS). This special English issue combines technical marketing, historical and R&D articles on photonics, as well as a technical back-to-basics paper and a buyer's guide. 

Click for the special EOS/SFO issue 2017

Click for the special EOS/SFO issue 2018
Click for the special EOS/SFO issue 2019
Click for the special EOS/SFO issue 2020
Click for the special EOS/SFO issue 2021 
Click for the special EOS /SFO issue 2023

Photonics Views
Views cover





PhotonicsViews is the leading European trade magazine for optical technologies.

It emerged from the two journals Laser Technik Journal (15 years) and Optik & Photonik (13 years). Target group are the decision makers for investments in laser, optics and photonics, users and developers from industry and research as well as management personnel and buyers. The magazine reports every two months on photonic systems and components, their functions, their production and, above all, their application, especially those of industrial laser technology. In addition to technical innovations and highlights from research and development, business news from optics, photonics, laser and medical technology, equipment engineering, and tool making are also featured. Each issue contains technical articles and application reports on selected key topics. Powered by the leading scientific publisher Wiley and its portfolio and included in, PhotonicsViews is the platform for high-quality and referenceable publications in the B2B sector, and a partner of expert conferences such as the AKL Congress or the Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum SLT, or LAF. As part of a media partnership, the member companies of the European Photonics Industry Consortium EPIC belong to the permanent readership of PhotonicsViews.

"PhV" is online open at , (online ISSN: 2626-1308) all technical articles are directly citable through digital object identifiers (DOIs).

Print ISSN: 2626-1294

Online ISSN: 2626-1308


Partnership agreement between EOS and PhotonicsViews signed:


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