The scientific contribution of PhD students is essential to the advancement of research and to the development of knowledge. A PhD thesis is also a quite demanding training period that can lead to various career opportunities. To help PhD students in the development of their research and career, the European Optical Society, EOS, offers them to participate in student clubs. Tomorrow's world depends in large part on decisions made today. The European Optical Society thus encourages all PhD students living in Europe or other countries, to get involved in EOS Student Clubs.

The European Optical Society encourages all students living in Europe or other countries, to get involved in EOS Student Clubs.

EOS Student Clubs are managed by PhD. Students for PhD students. Their purpose is to provide a way to connect with peers in Optics in order to develop their network, exchange their experiences and organize or participate to Optics related events.

EOS Student Clubs members are encouraged to propose visits of laboratories and companies from their town and vicinity. It is a favorite way to establish valuable contacts with future employers and explore career opportunities in a direct dialogue.

EOS Student Clubs also benefit from regular opportunities to present their research activities to a broad audience during EOSAM Conferences organized every year by EOS. They are also invited to publish news in the EOS newsletter sent by email to the 4500 EOS members, and on the EOS Student Clubs WEB site to raise awareness for their concerns.

EOS Student clubs can also benefit from advices and support from the Club Mentors and Sponsors provided by EOS to organize events.

If you want to be part of an EOS Student Club please contact us and we will assist you to join a current one or if you prefer to create a new one. We are also looking for new ambassadors representing the EOS clubs of their countries.