ICTP College on Optics: Theory and Applications of Lidar

From Monday, 16 may 2022 to Friday, 20 may 2022

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An ICTP Virtual Meeting

​Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is a remote sensing method that is growing rapidly as a method of generating three-dimensional images in applications as diverse as climate science, archaeology, fisheries, and autonomous vehicle navigation.
A lidar instrument must be designed with careful consideration of the application-driven needs, but this design is based on some common optical principles. This will be a forum where these principles are taught and discussed, along with representative applications drawn from current research and industry activities.
The college will be entirely virtual and abbreviated so that it is reasonably accessible over a wide range of time zones. In addition to lidar there will be special topics related to the UNESCO International Day of Light touching on best practices in outreach, training and research.