Invited Speakers

EOSAM 2024 is proud to announce the following high-level invited speakers that take the stage at the conference in Napoli, 9-13 September 2024.
Below a list of all confirmed invited speakers, more information can be found under each Topical meeting or Focused session.


TOM1- Silicon Photonics and integrated optics

Iain Crowe, University of Manchester (UK)

Pierre Berini, University of Ottawa (CA)

Valerio Vitali, University of Pavia (IT)






TOM3- Optical System Design, Tolerancing and Manufacturing

Jens Bliedtner, EAH Jena (DE)

Julie Bentley, University of Rochester (US)

Tayyab Suratwala, NIF, LLNL (US)

Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Edmund Optics (US)

Daewook Kim, University of Arizona (US)

Vladan Blahnik, Fridrich-Schiller-Universität (DE)

Hannah Noble, Meta (US)


TOM4- BioPhotonics and biosensors

Elisa Michelini, Dept. of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician", University of Bologna, Italy




TOM5- Nanophotonics

Otto Muskens, University of Southampton (UK)

Jorge Olmos Trigo, Material Physics Center (MPC), San-Sebastian (SP)

Kristina Frizyuk, University of Brescia, (IT)

Andreas Tittl, LMU Munich (DE)

Thomas Bauer, University of Amsterdam (NL)




TOM6- Optical Materials

Thierry Cardinal, CNRS (FR)

Lars Österlund, Uppsala University (SE): Wide-angle transmitting and solar light modulating yttrium Mie resonators: Yttrium hydroxide coated glass nanopillars

Zhenda Xie, Nanjing University (CN): Broadband Kerr comb generation using Lithium niobate on insulator microresonator

Maria Antonietta Vincenti, University of Brescia (IT): From gradient index optics to tunable ENZ: an iontronic approach


TOM7- Ultrafast Phenomena

Birgitta Bernhardt, Graz University of Technology (AU): Coherent Sensing with Dual Comb Spectroscopy

Aurélie Jullien, Institut de Physique de Nice (FR): Thermo-optical liquid-crystal phase modulator for ultrafast optics, driven by neural network

Giuseppe Sansone, Freiburg University (DE): New perspectives for attosecond science at Free Electron Lasers

Chiara Trovatello, Columbia University (US): Quasi-phase-matched up- and down-conversion in periodically poled layered semiconductors



Focused Session 1: Holography and Structured light

Robert Fickler, Tampere University (FI)



Focused Session 2: Optical Fibers Technology

Jean-Charles Beugnot, FEMTO-ST, Université de Franche-Comté (FR):  Nanofiber platform to manipulate photons and phonons 

Andrea Fiore, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL): Fiber-tip nanophotonics for optical sensing




Focused Session 3: Passive Radiative Cooling

Aaswath P. Raman, University of California, Los Angeles (US): Radiative Cooling: Ten Years of Progress in Daytime Radiative Cooling and New Frontiers