TOM7- Ultrafast Phenomena


Frederic druon

Frederic Druon

Institut d’Optique (FR)

Anne lise viotti

Anne-Lise Viotti

Lund University (SE)

Mauro nisoli

Mauro Nisoli

di Milano (IT)



The unique characteristics of ultrashort laser pulses have tremendously impacted various domains both in academic research and industry. Many of these advancements are closely linked to the successful evolution of this cutting-edge ultrafast technologies whom applications constantly emerge with its progress. The TOM aims to bring together the different actors of this scientific communities from developers to end-users. The primary focus of this topical meeting is to highlight the different progresses, fostering discussions and meaningful interactions on the current state-of-the-art and future developments. A special emphasis is put on the technological aspects, including considerations for demanding applications. By providing an overview of the cutting-edge progresses in generating and characterizing ultrafast optical pulses, the event aims to create a strong dynamic on emerging research trends and application fields of ultrafast lasers.


 • Femtosecond and picosecond pulse generation from solid state, fiber, semiconductor and waveguide sources

• Mode-locked lasers and ultrashort pulse generation

• Ultrafast amplifier technologies and frequency conversion towards UV-visible, mid-IR and THz regions

• Characterization methods for ultrafast pulses

• Shaping of femtosecond laser pulses

• Pulse post-compression methods

• Attosecond science and technology: generation and applications of attosecond pulses

• Novel gain materials for ultrafast laser sources

• Technological aspects of micro-machining with ultrashort pulses

Program Committee

Thierry Ruchon, CEA (FR)

Christoph Heyl, Member of Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (DE)

Oliver Heckl, Universität Wien (AT)

Nicolò Maccaferri, Umeå universitet (SE)

Christian Kränkel,Universität Hamburg (DE) 

Valentina Shumakova, CLASS 5 PHOTONICS GmbH (DE)

Michele Natile, Amplitude (FR)


Invited Speakers

Birgitta Bernhardt

Graz University of Technology (AU):

Title: Dual comb spectroscopy for environmental sensing


Aurélie Jullien

Institut de Physique de Nice (FR)

Title: Thermo-optical liquid-crystal phase modulator for ultrafast optics, driven by neural network


Giuseppe Sansone

Freiburg University (DE)

Title: New perspectives for attosecond science at Free Electron Lasers


Chiara Trovatello

Columbia University (US)

Title: Quasi-phase-matched up- and down-conversion in periodically poled layered semiconductors