TOM1- Silicon Photonics and integrated optics


G t reed

Graham Reed
University of
Southampton (UK)

Pavel Cheben Pavel Cheben

Council Canada
Lorenzo pavesi

Lorenzo Pavesi
University of Trento



The focus of this topical meeting is to explore new trends and applications, particularly, in the field of silicon photonics, but also in guided-wave optics and related areas. The applications range from devices for data centre applications to mid-infrared (MIR) sensing. New developments based on waveguide devices, enhanced light-matter interactions, or energy-efficient photonics materials are particularly welcome.                    




• Design, simulation, modelling and fabrication of optical interconnects

• Optical on chip routing architectures and technologies and related design concepts for high speed

• Low power photonic integrated circuits (PICs)

• CMOS-compatible optical sources and detectors

• Optimization of light emission and absorption for data processing using materials such as SiGe, SiN, TaO5, III/IVs, etc.advanced monolithic and hybrid processing techniques for the fabrication of photonic structures

• Devices and strategies for the advancement of PICs in silicon and other materials, including advances in testing and packaging                   

Invited Speakers