TOM9- Opto-electronics, Nanotechnologies & Microsystems


Vito mocella Vito Mocella, 

CNR - Institute of Applied Sciences
and Intelligent Systems,
Naples, Italy

Ivo rendina Ivo Rendina, 
CNR - Institute of Applied Sciences
and Intelligent Systems,
Naples, Italy
Concita sibilia 1 Concita Sibilia, 
La Sapienza University,
Rome, Italy







The special session provides a forum to discuss and exchange knowledge about the new ideas emerging in opto-electronic systems, in particular enabled by the smart integration of optical devices with electronics and sensing components at the micro and nanoscale. It is therefore dedicated to the new opto-electronic nanotechnologies aimed at the development of micro and nanosystems, including new devices for light manipulation, photonic components based on geometrical effects and related  capabilities of light confinement at sub-micron scale, integration of optical and electronic quantum devices, novel nano and quantum optoelectronic sensors, bio-inspired micro and nanosystems, new characterization methods for nanomaterials and devices, novel imaging systems,  devices for thermal management and metrology. The Special Session is held in continuity with the EOS Capri Topical Meetings on “Optical Microsystems”, “Optics at Nanoscale”, and “Waves in Complex Photonics Media: fundamental and device applications.


• New technologies in complex opto-electronic nano devices and systems

• Design of opto-electronic devices based on geometrical and topological ideas

• Integration of nano/quantum optical and electronic devices and sensors

• Bio-inspired micro and nanosystems

• New characterization methods for nano materials and devices

• New nanoimaging technologies

• Nano and microsystems for metrology

• Devices for thermal management

Program Committee

Philippe Lalanne, Institut d'Optique, (FR)

Anatoly V. Zayats, King’s College, London (UK)

Giuseppe Cocorullo, Università della Calabria (IT)

Bahram Jalali, UCLA / Ca (US) 

Ali Serpenguezel, Koç University (TR)

Roberto Rella, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT)

Gilles Lerondel, University of Troyes (FR)
Luigi Sirleto, CNR (IT)


Invited Speakers

Salvatore Surdo

Università di Pisa (IT)

Title: Laser beam shaping in ultrasound-controlled liquid media for high-throughput material processing


Silvia Romano


Title: Optical Biosensors based on Bound States in the Continuum: a new paradigm in Healthcare and Food Quality Assessment


Fabio Antonio Bovino

SAPIENZA University of Rome (IT)

Title: Quantum Phase Operator


Tong Wu


Title: Revisiting temporal coupled-mode theory in ultrafast physics: an ab-initio approach