Exhibition policies

For companies registering for the EOSAM 2022 exhibition

The European Optical Society Annual meeting (EOSAM) is a major international scientific conference with exhibition, held 12 – 16 September 2022 in Porto, Portugal.

EOSAM was established specifically to provide a platform for experts in the field of optics and photonics, bringing forth new research results, the state of the art, and bridging the gap between research, education, and industry. Each year, over 500 attendees join EOSAM, including top researchers, key leaders, students and industry experts. With an annually changing venue moving around Europe and visiting different optics and photonics hubs, each EOSAM is a unique experience.



Registration for EOSAM 2022 is done by registering in Conftool: https://www.conftool.com/eosam2022/
The registration is binding and registered companies are liable for all booth arrangement costs after the full registration.


By registering, company accepts the terms and conditions of the exhibition.

  • REGISTRATION ORDER: Registering companies are listed in first-come-first served order. This order will be used when selecting booth places in the Exhibition. The first to register will receive the most ideal spot, with Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors having priority, respectively.
  • COMPANY RESPONSIBILITIES: Companies are responsible for arranging their flights, accommodation, parcel shipments and insurance, taking care of timetables, and providing EOS the necessary information and materials (logos, extra graphics, texts) regarding the exhibition structure arrangements.
  • EOS RESPONSIBILITIES: EOS is responsible of all the exhibition communications and arrangements before and during the EOSAM. The invoicing for the exhibition is done through the European Optical Society Oy, a Finnish company fully owned by the EOS.
  • CANCELLATION: Registration for EOSAM exhibition is binding. If a company would like to cancel its registration they are liable for all the costs occurred i.e. from exhibition space, booth, structure or other related arrangements. Cancellation fees may apply. If EOS for some unforeseen reason should need to cancel the event, the registration fees are refunded.