In EOSAM we want to connect, catch up and network with old and new colleagues. One of the best ways to do this is during EOSAM Networking events. This year we will offer several networking events as part of the EOSAM experience.

Start networking before the conference

To get a head-start on networking, connect with other attendees before the conference by registering at the conference system Confool. After registering you can create your own, personal attendee profile:

You can choose just how much you wish to share with others, from your name and company to your photo, email address, phone number, bio, CV, and social media details, including your LinkedIn profile for better match-making. EOSAM makes connecting easy, and you can be in touch with colleagues even before you touch ground at Porto!

You can send other participants of the conference direct messages straight through Conftool. If you would like to talk with them about their presentation or just casually catch up, direct messages are a handy way of having private conversations with other participants. Just open their profile and click the "send message" button.

Note: If you want others to be able to send you quick messages through Conftool, make sure to input your email address on the list.

At the Conference

All coffees, lunches, welcome reception, and dinner are included inside the conference ticket to make sure you can take full advantage of connecting with colleagues and new acquaintances during all breaks, which are located at the heart of the conference venue: a compact area with everyone there!

Use the convenient mobile app EOSAM 2022 (published closer to the conference) to see the conference agenda, browse the conference participants and network with them, save personal notes, and much more.

EPIC - EOS Networking Reception 

 ‚ÄčJoin the EPIC-EOS Networking Reception and podium discussion on industrial optics on Tuesday 13 September!

The podium discussion is chaired by Antonio Castelo, Technology Manager at EPIC, and Oliver Fähnle, Industrial Chair of EOS.

We welcome all conference participants to this special session followed by a welcome cocktail reception for enhancing and creating contacts.

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Conference dinner

The conference dinner is a great place to exchange ideas, catch up with your colleagues, and of course, enjoy the tasty local delicacies served at your table. 

Conference dinner venue: Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória

Dinner venue in Google Maps

At the very heart of Porto, in Vitória parish, the São Bento da Vitória Monastery – a classified National Monument since 1977 – is one of the municipality’s most important religious buildings.
Its construction began at the end of the 16th century on the site where an olive grove used to be. The Cloister, a monumental granite structure, was finished during the 1725-1728.
Learn more about the history of the building


The dinner will be on Wednesday 15 September starting at 20:00. Reserve your place at the dinner during the conference registration in Conftool.


After the conference

Keep your contacts and discussions neatly and securely saved inside the conference system Conftool: remains open for several months after the conference, available for all registered conference participants. 

Use the EOSAM 2022 LinkedIn event to find colleagues you've exhanged with during the conference, or totally new aquintances. Add them to your network, have insightful conversations and follow the EOS LinkedIn page to stay on top of all EOS activities, and upcoming conferences.