Industrial posters


What is an industrial poster?

Companies have an opportunity to show their know-how to the conference attendees by sending a poster to be shown on the wall inside the conference room. This is an efficient (and inexpensive!) way to promote your company and have high visibility at the World of Photonics Congress.


1) send a short summary of the poster to Conftool

2) After the poster is accepted, register for the poster (or poster AND participation) from your Conftool user account

3) Pay the poster by 24 June (100 EUR, excl. VAT 24%)

3) Prepare the poster

3) Bring the poster onsite to EOS registration desk or mail it

4) EOS staff will hang up the poster inside the MOS conference room

There is no presentation involved with the poster. Companies provide the poster, EOS hangs it up, and attendees can enjoy the posters all through the conference.

Industrial posters will be reviewed by the chair of the Manufacturing, Tolerancing, and Testing of Optical Systems (MOS) conference.

Accepted posters will be visible in the conference room for the duration of the conference. There is space for 18 posters. Acceptance will be made on first come, first served basis, i.e. first 18 posters accepted and paid for will be presented in the conference room.

The intention of the poster is to present the know-how of the company (rather than marketing products). The short abstract (max. 600 words) you submit is meant solely to describe to the program committee what your poster will contain, and it will not be published in the proceedings of the conference.


The fee for the poster is 100 EUR (excl. 24% VAT). This fee does not include presentation or admission to the conference.

After the chair has accepted the poster, the fee (100 EUR, excl. 24% VAT) will be paid by credit card via Conftool, or with an invoice, also available in Conftool.

If, in addition to sending the industrial poster, you wish to also attend the conference, simply register as a participant and gain access to all conferences at the World of Photonics Congress. If you wish to submit an abstract, please do so by selecting the corresponding conference from the list, for either oral or poster presentation.

Delivery details

We ask you to provide the poster onsite, either by postal mail or delivery in person to the registration desk of EOS during the registration hours. EOS staff will put up the poster inside the conference room.

Delivery information world of photonics congress 2019 entrance westDelivery information world of photonics congress 2019 entrance west (102.17 KB)


EOS registration desk opening hours

Get your ticket from the EOS registration desk, located at the West Entrance.

! If you have registered with EOS, and need the ticket outside the registration hours, please contact the conference team:

On-site registration hours      

Sunday, June 23

12:00 - 14:30

Monday, June 24

08.00 - 16.30

Tuesday, June 25

08.00 - 16.30

Wednesday, June 26

08.00 - 16.30

Thursday, June 27




The required size is DIN A0.


Submit by June 10: