Session chair checklist



Session Chair Responsibilities         


Before the Conference:

At the Conference:

  • Check for any late program updates on the Conference App  
  • Mark any “No-shows” on the Session Report form and give feedback to organizers
  • Return the forms to the EOS Registration Desk

Chairing the Session:

  • Introduce the session topic
  • Introduce the speakers
  • Maintain the program schedule- Keep time and let the speaker know when they are out of time! (Attendees get annoyed easily if the schedule does not keep)
  • Be prepared for the unexpected! (Prepare topics in advance in case of a no show)
  • If you find a presenter has failed to attend:
    • Note the no show on the Session Report form
    • DO NOT move to the next paper. Attendees plan for the talks they want to hear based on the published schedule.
    • Choose one of these options:
      • Fill in the *hole* with a standby paper (if there are no official standby authors for your session, make arrangements in advance to have one or two *no strings* [no manuscript] presenters on hand)
      • Open the floor to an extended Q&A session for speakers who have already presented
      • Have one or two controversial topics ready for discussion
      • Bring a topic on your laptop for presentation and/or discussion
      • Open the floor for discussion on any topic of interest to the audience
    • Start the next talk at its published, scheduled time.


Download the session report: Instructions for session chairs wpc2019Instructions for session chairs wpc2019 (109.46 KB).


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the chairs or the EOS conference team.


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