About EOSAM & Previous Events


The European Optical Society Annual meeting (EOSAM) is a major international scientific conference with an exhibition and industrial program. It was established specifically to provide a platform for experts in the field of optics and photonics, bringing forth new research results, the state of the art, and bridging the gap between research, education, and industry. EOSAM is attended by top researchers, key leaders, students and industry experts.

EOSAM has been organized since 2006, initially in Paris. After 2010 it was decided to move EOSAM around Europe, bringing the event into different optics hubs better serving the local communities and at each time creating a unique EOSAM experience for the attendees. Starting form 2020, the EOSAM will be an annual event, so mark your calendars!

EOSAM locations through time:
2006 Paris, France
2008 Paris, France
2010 Paris, France
2012 Aberdeen, Scotland
2014 Berlin, Germany
2016 Berlin, Germany
2018 Delft, the Netherlands
2020 Porto, Portugal  Event held online due to COVID-19
2021 Paris, France
2022 Location tba

The websites of the previous EOSAM events can be found in EOS archives:



EOSAM 2010
26 - 29 October
Paris, France

The third scientific EOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM 2010) was held in Paris, France,
from 26 - 29 October 2010 alongside the OPTO exhibition (26 - 28 October),
in co-operation with SFO, ICO, Optecnet, and Photonics4life. Previous meetings took place in 2008 and 2006 with more than 650 attendees.

Topical Meetings and Workshop at EOSAM 2010:

TOM 1: Biophotonics - Advanced Trapping and Optofluidics in Life Sciences
TOM 2: Terahertz Science and Technology
TOM 3: Nanophotonics and Metamaterials
TOM 4: Micro-Optics
TOM 5: Organic Photonics
TOM 6: Nonlinear Optics and Photonics
TOM 7: ICO/EOS TOM on Optics & Energy
Workshop : Masters and PhD Education in Photonics

EOSAM 2008

29 September - 2 October
Paris, France

The second edition of EOSAM was held alongside the OPTO exhibition in Paris, France, in co-operation with SFO.

Topical Meetings:
• TOM 1: Biophotonics
• TOM 2: Terahertz - Science and Technology
• TOM 3: Nanophotonics, Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials
• TOM 4: Micro- and Nanoscale Photonic Systems
• TOM 5: Organic Photonics
• TOM 6: Nonlinear Optics - Materials, Devices and Spatio-Temporal Effects
• TOM 7: Dynamical Optics

Masters and PhD Education in Photonics Biophotonics Business: Opportunities and Challenges for European Companies
(part of TOM 1: Biophotonics)

EOSAM 2006  

16 - 19 October
Paris, France

The first EOSAM ever organized was held alongside the OPTO exhibition in Paris, France (16 - 19 October 2006),
in co-operation with SFO and EPS. For this first edition, the EOS Annual Meeting featured six topical meetings:

  • Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics (QEOD/EPS and EOS)
  • Extreme Optics (QEOD/EPS and EOS)
  • Nanophotonics, Metamaterials and Optical Microcavities (QEOD/EPS and EOS)
  • Micro-Optics, Diffractive Optics and Optical MEMS
  • Photonic Devices in Space
  • Nonlinear Optics: From Sources to Guided Waves