Information for authors

The conference takes place 7-11 September 2020, in an online form.

All speakers will receive a unique access link before 7 September to view their session. If you wish to see other sessions you are not a speaker in, please modify your registration in Conftool and choose the topical meetings and sessions you wish to see.

The online proceedings will be published on 7 September 2020, including abstracts of all accepted submissions (with pregistration made by 25 June, see registration).

We ask authors to provide us with one .mp4 file of the pre-recorded video of their presentation slides, including audio (and video if preferred). Details below. The presentations will be available to registered attendees during the conference week as on-demand sessions. Attendees can ask questions from the speakers during the week, and we ask our authors to respond to all questions by Thursday 14:00 CEST. All sessions will be unavailable after Friday 11 September.

Important Dates

Informing authors about acceptance

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Author registration deadline
(registration with payment finished)

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Inform the EOSAM staff if you will provide a pre-recorded video Tuesday, 30 June 2020
Send the pre-recorded video to EOS Friday, 7 August 2020
Proceedings published

Monday, 7 September 2020


STEP ONE : Register and pay

Deadline: 25 June

After you have received the acceptance email from EOS (sent to you via the Conftool system),
please proceed to registration and payment through your Contool user account:

Fees and further information is available here:

STEP TWO: Will you provide a presentation video?

Inform us by: 30 June

The authors are asked to send a pre-recorded presentation video to be shared with all registered attendees. No live presentations will be held. The reason for this is to keep the session running smoothly with minimal technical issues.
If you have not yet informed us, let us know by 30 June if you will provide the video. This information is vital for us to be able to create scheduling and reserve a slot for your presentation at the suitable session.

Let us know here.

The pre-recorded videos will be automated into sessions. Q&A is enabled for all the sessions through the chat function, so we ask the authors to be present online during the sessions (no camera or audio device needed, only internet connection is mandatory). Session times to be provided. All submitted and invited talks will be pre-recorded. We wish to minimize the technical issues and make the process as smooth as possible for everyone. Going with the pre-recordings will enable us to do so and we thank you for helping us achieve the smoothest online conference yet.


STEP THREE: Prepare and send us your presentation video

Deadline: 7 August 2020

We ask you to record the video, and send the file to the EOS office for preparing the sessions. Below are some technical requirements and tips to create a captivating presentation.

Timing for presentation videos

Invited Presentations: 20 minutes
Contributed (Oral) Presentations: 10 to (max.) 20 minutes
Poster presentations: 5 minutes *

* Poster session held as any other session, with pre-recorded presentations. Q&A through a live chat.


Technical requirements

File size: We can accept a file up to 2 GB. This is the absolute maximum capacity the system will accept but most likely your video file will be much smaller than this so this should not be an issue.

File Format: MP4. Make sure your videos are in .mp4 format, this is the only file format we can accept. Don't try to upload WAV, MKV or MOV. You can use a software like Movavi to convert your video file to MP4.

Possible tools

  • ZOOM
    • If you are using Zoom, either with free or paid account, you can record a presentation, and save locally to your computer. The system should automatically create an .mp4 file of the presentation.


Tips for creating the video

  • Articulation! Remember to articulate so your audience will catch your message.
  • Consider an external microphone. Using an external dedicated audio recorder is the simplest and most reliable way to capture audio.
  • Lighting is key. Make sure your face is visible and you have enough light in the room (but also not too much to get over-exposed).

Send your video file to us

Finally, check the presentation for video, audio, slides, pointer, etc. and make sure you have the correct file format (.mp4 is the only format we can approve!)

When finished and happy with your presentation, send the video file here:

Invited* presentation (link for invited), 20 minutes

Oral* presentation (link for oral), 10-20 minutes

Poster* presentation (link for poster), 5 minutes

* Equals the acceptance status in Conftool


STEP FOUR: Attend the conference during 7-11 September and respond to questions

All sessions are provided as pre-recorded, on-demand sessions during all week, 7-11 September. Q&A is also open the whole week.

Registered attendees will receive their unique access link to the Livestorm system on Monday 7 September to view their preferred sessions as on-demand, at any time during the week. Attendees may leave questions to authors all week.

The Q&A will be done through a text chat.

Authors will receive their unique speaker access links to the sessions on the week prior to the conference. With this access link, you will gain access to your session, and can see and respond to questions made on your paper.  If you wish to see other sessions you are not a speaker in, please modify your registration in Conftool and choose the topical meetings and sessions you wish to see.

We ask all authors to respond to questions on their paper by Thursday 10 September, 14:00 CEST.
We will also inform the attendees of this time, so they would prepare their questions by Thursday. We will leave the sessions open until Friday noon, so attendees have a chance to see your responses to their questions.


In case you have any questions, just let us know: