TOM 12- Nonlinear Optics: materials and applications


Concita sibilia 1 Concita Sibilia,
Sapienza University of Rome (IT)

Goery Genty,
Tampere University of Technology (FI)

  Katia Gallo,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE)



The focus of this topical meeting is to explore new developments, trends and applications in the field of nonlinear optics, material and structures. Potential topics include, but are not limited to nonlinear optical phenomena and dynamics in bulk media or fibres geometries; novel photonic crystal structures; nanostructure and nonlinear materials. Devices applications including: frequency combs; Raman or Brillouin-based devices; optical parametric devices; telecommunications applications and all-optical switching; nonlinear quantum applications will also be considered.


  • Applications of nonlinear optical phenomena and new devices
  • Telecommunications applications and all-optical switching
  • Optical parametric devices
  • Nonlinear optics in fibres, photonic crystal structures
  • Novel nonlinear materials
  • Nonlinear nanostructures
  • Raman based devices including amplifiers
  • Nonlinear Quantum optical applications
  • Ultrafast instabilities
  • Frequency combs
  • Nonlinear measurement techniques