TOM 1- Silicon Photonics and Guided-Wave Optics


G t reed

Graham Reed
University of
Southampton (UK)

Pavel cheben Pavel Cheben
National Research
Council Canada (CN)



The focus of this topical meeting is to explore new trends and applications, particularly, in the field of silicon photonics, but also in guided-wave optics and related areas. The applications range from devices for data centre applications to Mid Infrared (MIR) sensing. New developments on fibre and planar waveguide lasers, fibre non-linearities, nanophotonic materials and devices will also be welcome.




Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • design, simulation, modelling and fabrication of optical interconnects

  • optical on chip routing architectures and technologies and related design concepts for high speed

  • low power photonic integrated circuits (PICs)

  • CMOS-compatible optical sources and detectors

  • optimization of light emission and absorption for data processing using materials such as SiGe, SiN, TaO5, III/IVs, etc.

  • advanced monolithic and hybrid processing techniques for the fabrication of photonic structures

  • devices and strategies for the advancement of PICs in silicon and other materials, including advances in testing and packaging.



Program Committee

Inigo Molina Fernandez,

University of Malaga (SP)


Laurent Vivien,

Université Paris Saclay (FR)


Hon-Ki Tsang,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (HK)

Hong Wang,

NTU, Singapore (SG)


Milan Milosevic,

University of Southampton, (UK)


Andrew Knight,

McMaster University,  (CA)


Invited Speakers

Integrated photonics for high performance statistical computing

Yichen Shen

Lightelligence (US)


Laser processed semiconductors for integrated photonic devices

Anna Peacock

University of Southampton (UK)


Kerr Micro-combs for Radio Frequency Photonics

David Moss 

University of Swinburne (AU)


Progress in and applications of ultra-long fiber Bragg gratings

Raman Kashyap

Polytechnique Montreal (CA)


High performance silicon photonic devices with mode manipulation

Daoxin Dai

Zhejiang University, (CN)

Shaping the propagation of light and sound in silicon metamaterial waveguides

Carlos Alonso Ramos 

University Paris Sud and CNRS (FR)


Hybrid plasmonic transceivers

Amr Helmy 

University of Toronto (CA)


Quantum dot semiconductor Lasers integrated with silicon for 5G and beyond wireless networks

Zhenguo Lu 

University of Ottawa (CA)


All-dielectric resonant metasurfaces

Zhengjun Zou (Isabelle Staude) 

University of Jena (DE)


Applications of Augmented of Low Index Waveguides

Stewart Aitchison

University of Toronto (CA)

Subwavelength Grating Metamaterila Devices: Theory and Applications

Alejandro Ortega Monux 

University of Malaga (ES)


Self-configuring silicon photonics

David Miller

Stanford (US)


Silicon photonics for high data rate applications

David Thomson 

Southampton University (UK)


Ultra-broadband silicon photonics devices based on subwavelength metamaterials

Aitor Villafranca Velasco

CSIC Spain (ES)