The European Optical Society Annual meeting, EOSAM, is a major international scientific conference and exhibition. EOSAM 2023 exhibition was held from Tuesday to Thursday,12-14 September 2023, alongside the scientific conference which took place 11-15 September at the same venue, Dijon Exhibition and Convention Center. The exhibition was organized by SFO and EOS in collaboration.

EOSAM was established specifically to provide a platform for experts in the field of optics and photonics, bringing forth new research results, the state of the art, and bridging the gap between research, education, and industry. EOSAM provides the companies with the perfect setting to promote their expertise and products, announce job opportunities, create new leads, and strengthen the existing ones.

EOSAM is attended by over 500 attendees each year, including top researchers, key leaders, students and industry experts from over 30 different countries all over the world. EOSAM has been organized since 2006 in France, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal. 

We warmly thank all participating companies and sponsors!

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A huge thank you to all partners and sponsors of EOSAM 2023!

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