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Committee Chair
at EOS (CH)
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Managing key knowledge in photonics: strategies for successful technology transfer from the lab to the market

This Podium session is aimed at exploring the challenges and strategies involved in transferring technology from the lab to the market in the field of photonics. The session will feature podium discussion from companies and R&D centers who have experience in this area, discussing their approaches and sharing their insights on how to overcome obstacles and achieve successful technology transfer. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the process of technology transfer, as well as practical strategies and tips for managing key knowledge in photonics.

Podium Speakers

Applied Materials, Gauthier Brière

Asphericon, Sven Kiontke

Imagine Optic, Samuel Bucourt

Sylentsys, Pierre Brochard

Tematys, Jacques Cochard


The podium discussion is moderated by Oliver Fähnle, Industrial Committee Chair of EOS together with Jeremy Picot-Clemente, Technology Manager at EPIC.


We welcome all conference participants to this special session!

The session takes place on Tuesday 12 September.
Detailed conference schedule

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