EOSAM will be held onsite in Dijon, France, 11-15 September 2023. We expect to again meet over 500 attendees onsite. This is the perfect opportunity to connect, catch up and network alongside the intriguing conference program! We look forward to seeing you in Dijon!



Access to all scientific and industrial program

Access to the industrial exhibition



Welcome "Wine & Cheese" networking reception 

Conference dinner (registration required)


  • free online access to all attendees
  • no additional publication fees for authors to publish in the online, open access proceedings, with DOI and indexation to CrossRef®

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Possibility to submit to the "EOSAM" topical issue published in JEOS:RP after the conference with discounted fees






until 07 July 07 July-
06 September
11 September-
15 September
Member * 595 € 720 € 780 €
Non-member 695 € 820 € 880 €
Student member * 370 € 430 € 480 €
Student non-member 420 € 480 € 530 €
One Day, member * 370 € 480 €
One Day, non-member 470 € 580 €

Who can benefit from the discounted Member Fees? Am I a member?

 You can take advantage of the member discount if you are:


- Member of the following EOS National Societies:



-  Member of the following EOS National Societies*:

* to benefit from the discount, upgrade your membership












In case you don't have a national optical society in your country, you can become a direct individual EOS member (individualstudent/ corporate)


- Member of any of the EOS MoU partners:


- EOS corporate Member (max. 2 per company)


VAT added according to Finnish and French VAT acts


** All Fees are presented excluding VAT.

  • VAT is exempted for all EU companies and businesses (except Finland) with VAT number, and
    Non-EU companies, according to Intra-Community trading within EU countries, Reverse charge, VAT Directive art 44.
  • Finnish companies and businesses with VAT number: VAT 24% added, according to the Finnish VAT act §69H.
  • Private persons without VAT number: 20% VAT will be added, according to the French VAT act 283.

To enable the VAT excluded price at the registration:

  • During registration, choose "university/institute/company" for item "VAT: Attendee tax status"
    • if institution in EU, announce the VAT number of the institution in charge of making the payment.
    • if institution outside EU, the VAT is automatically excluded when choosing "business client"


Registration and Payment policy:

  • Subscription for each preferred item is required during registration. 
  • For authors, presenting and publication in the conference proceedings are included inside the fee (online, open access, with DOI and indexation to CrossRef®). 
  • One Day Ticket does not include conference dinner but can be booked separately if registration is chosen for the day of the dinner.
  • By registering, attendees agree to the terms and conditions of the event and organizer. 
  • Registrations must be fully paid before access to the conference is allowed.
  • Acceptable payment methods: credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Maestro), and wire transfer. Credit card payment is preferred. 
    Once person has registered (whether paying by credit card of wire transfer, you will automatically receive an invoice from Conftool that you can send to your institution).
  • PLEASE NOTE: “Purchase orders” are not accepted.
  • At least one author per submission is requested to register for the meeting. Presenter registration deadline: 07 July 2022



IcoSupport for Presenters from developing countries

Any eligible* presenter at EOSAM is welcome to apply for this support for registration fees, by sending an email to with a certificate from their institution explaining the applicant's position at the said institution. 

*Among the criteria of selection we will consider Human Development Index and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.
Please include the submission ID of your speech within the email.