TOM3- BioPhotonics


Francesca bragheri

Francesca Bragheri,
Italian National
Research Council -
Institute for Photonics
and Nanotechnologies,
Gilles tessier

Gilles Tessier




The field of biophotonics has seen a stable growth over the past years in the development and application of photonic technologies in biology, pharmaceutics and medicine. In particular a broad range of imaging techniques that allows seeing and sensing cells and tissues in unprecedent ways have been developed.

This TOM focuses on bringing together researchers working on new fundamental image and sensing systems for biological or clinical applications.


Topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Tissue optics and spectroscopy
  •  Advanced Microscopy Techniques (3D, superresolution, multiphoton,…)
  •  Optical coherence tomography
  •  Phase imaging
  •  Optogenetics
  •  Photoacoustics
  •  Optofluidics
  •  Endoscopic imaging systems
  •  Integrated optics for biomedicine
  •  Optical Manipulation and Applications
  •  Sensors and actuators for biomedical applications
  •  Photonic techniques in (pre-)clinical studies