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Final Schedule Published

15 June 2023


Final schedule released! Over 400 presentations during the
conference week, networking events, tutorials, and more. 



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Final Call For Papers: Submit Now!

03 May 2023


Submission closing 10 May!
Hurry to submit and get your research presented at the major 
International Conference in Optics and Photonics in Europe! 
Over 500 attendees annually.


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The complete list of plenaries published!

20 April 2023


We are happy to announce six plenary speakers for EOSAM 2023.
These plenary speakers will present interesting results of the research topics from
manipulating matter with vacuum electromagnetic fields, dual-comb lasers,
neuronal circuit holography, DNA-assembled photonic structures, to
photonics quantum sampling, and laser weather control. 


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Submission extended until 10 May!

14 April 2023


Did not have time to submit yet? Do not worry! - We are extending the deadline for abstract
submissions until 10 May! See the wide range of topical meetings and sessions to submit to,
all topics under optics and photonics included! 



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Industrial program insights of EOSAM 2023

06 April 2023


EOSAM is the platform to connect research, education, and industry together.
In addition to the scientific program, EOSAM offers the Industrial Exhibition,
Session on Industrial Mastering of Optical Technologies and Systems (IMOTS)
as well as a Podium discussion on industrial optics. 


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EOSAM 2023 schedule overview now available!

22 March  2023

EOSAM consists of a week of scientific, industrial, and educational
program, specifying each but also bringing together all domains. EOSAM
is a great platform for presenting the most recent research results, for 
connecting and catching up, as well as bridging the gap between
research, education, and industry. 



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The complete list of tutorials now published!

28 February 2023

We are happy to announce nine tutorial speakers for EOSAM 2023.

These tutorials will create an overview of the topics presented during the week. The tutorials
will be held on Monday, 11 September during the first day of EOSAM. Participants can
choose from a variety of tutorial topics related to the Topical Meetings and Focused sessions, 
during registration for the conference.


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Submission now open!

10 February 2023

Submission is open until 14 April 2023,  oral and poster contributions

Submit and present your research to the wide international audience
on optics and photonics! Best student presentations will be awarded.

Submissions are welcomed for the following topics...


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First tutorial Speakers Published!

17 January 2023

EOSAM offers free of charge tutorials for all conference participants as an additional program
on Monday 11 September, just before the official conference week starts on Tuesday.
The tutorials will cover the topics of the Topical meetings and Focused sessions, and can be chosen 
when registering for the conference.


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Fiber optics    

Topical Meetings and Sessions

15 December 2022

EOSAM includes several topical meetings and sessions covering
all aspects of optics and photonics.

High-level plenary and invited speakers in addition to submitted oral
and poster presentations quarantee a full week of novel research
results presented from the widest range of optics and photonics fields.

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First EOSAM 2023 Plenary Speakers 

November 2022


EOSAM includes several high-level plenary speakers. We are extremely
happy to announce the first two plenary speakers of the conference: Prof. Ursula Keller and
Prof. Thomas Ebbesen.


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EOSAM 2022 summary of the great conference week

September 2022

EOSAM 2022 brought together photonics experts and students in Porto 12-16 September, 
at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, FEUP

EOSAM 2022 included high-quality program within the following 13 Topical meetings (TOMs),
3 special sessions and an exhibition....


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