EU Project Session

Lydia sq  

Lydia Sanmarti


Mike wale  

Michael Wale
University College 
London (UK),
Eindhoven University
of Technology (NL),



For the seventh time, the European Optical Society (EOS) organizes a special session for EU project partners to disseminate their project and results during EOSAM 2023. 

From this year, Photonics21 will co-organize this special session with EOS.

Partners of current EU projects can contact the chairs, Lydia Sanmartí-Vila and Mike Wale, to propose to present their goals and results to the conference audience. EU projects must involve international consortiums (e.g. no ERC projects) and that are active at the time of the conference (September 2023) or have finished within the three months prior the conference (projects finished before June 2023 will not be considered).

If interested, send an email

to and

in order to introduce your current EU project with the following information:

- Its title and main aim

- the website link

- the relevant EU call

-The name of the speaker who will be presenting the EU project.

If accepted, a one-page abstract pdf will be requested for the attendees. Its format can be freely chosen. It does not have to follow the submission template since it will not be included in the official proceedings of the conference.


All topics related to Optics and Photonics are included.



Invited Speakers

Richard Pitwon

Resolute Photonics, Ireland


Giacomo Scalari

ETH Zürich, Switzerland


Xianfeng Chen

Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom


Daniel Torrent Martí

Universitat Jaume I, Spain


Regina Gumenyuk

Tampere University, Finland;

Carles Ros

ICFO, Spain


Denis Garoli

Italian Institute of Technology, Italy


Lorenzo Pattelli

Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRiM), Turin, Italy


Francois Courvoisier

FEMTO-ST / CNRS and Univ Franche-Comte, France

Stefano Toffanin

CNR, Italy