You can take advantage of the member discount when registering to the EOSAM conference if you are:


1) Member of the following EOS National Optics & Photonics Societies:

Nos logos 2024

SIOF (Italy)

DGAO (Germany)

SFO (France)

Photonics Finland (Finland)

IOP Optical Group (UK and Ireland)

SSOM (Switzerland)

SOS (Sweden)

HOS (Hungary)

LOS (Latvia)


WLT (Germany)*

PromOptica (Belgium)*

SPOF (Portugal)*

PPS-OD (Poland)*

NPS Optical Division (Norway)*

CSSF (Czech Republic and Slovakia)*

USPAO (Ukraine)*

* to benefit from the discount as an associated member, 
upgrade your membership 
(only 12,50€/year, 3€/year for students) 

In case you don't have a national optical society in your country, you can become a direct individual EOS member (individual / studentcorporate).
To initiate a membership of a society/institution to EOS, please contact the Executive Director, Elina Koistinen,


2) Member of any of the EOS MoU partners:

European Physical Society, EPS

Japan Society of Applied Physics, JSAP

Optical Society of Korea, OSK

Optical Society of Japan, OSJ

Chinese Optical Society, COS

Taiwan Photonics Society, TPS



3) EOS corporate Member (max. 2 per company)

List of corporate members:



To see the full list of member benefits, visit: