ICO Prize Ceremony

The International Commission of Optics (ICO) established in 1982 the ICO Prize, to be given each year to an individual who has made a noteworthy contribution to optics, published submitted for publication before he or she has reached the age of 40. The character of the work should preferably alternate between predominantly experimental or technological and predominantly theoretical. The "noteworthy" contribution in optics is measured chiefly by its impact (past or possibly future) on the field of optics generally, opening a subfield or significantly expanding an established subfield in research or technology.

In 2019, the winner of this award was Manuel Guizar-Sicairos.
This award ceremony was initially planned to take place at EOSAM 2020 in Porto, Portugal, but as the event was moved online due to covid, we postponed the ceremony to be able to create it onsite. Now, in 2021, we will have the honour to include this ceremony at EOSAM, and to hear an exiting plenary talk from the winner himself on Harnessing coherence and computational imaging for nanoscale structure characterization using X-rays. 


Ico prize​​​​​​​

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