EU Project Session

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Lydia Sanmarti




For the fifth time, the European Optical Society (EOS) organizes a special session for EU project partners to disseminate their project and results. 

Projects are invited to join this session to present their goals and results to the conference audience.


Submitting to this session:

Include a one-, maximum two-page abstract to describe your project (free form).

Please describe in the abstract

- the title and the aim of the project
- the relevant EU call
- key aims, activities, and achievements
- institutions involved
- if project has finished: the main results of the project

Also briefly describe the contents of the presentation(s) in the abstract.

Specify the name of the (person(s) who will be presenting the presentation.

Abstract pdf will be given to the attendees for information, but will not be included in the official proceedings of the conference. Hence, the format of the abstract can be freely chosen, and does not have to follow the submission template.



All topics related to Optics and Photonics are included.