TOM1 Silicon Photonics and Guided-Wave Optics


G t reed

Graham Reed
University of
Southampton (UK)

Pavel cheben Pavel Cheben
National Research
Council Canada (CN)



The focus of this topical meeting is to explore new trends and applications, particularly, in the field of silicon photonics, but also in guided-wave optics and related areas. All applications are welcome, ranging from devices for data centre applications to Mid Infrared (MIR) sensing, and from LIDAR to Quantum Photonics. New developments on fibre and planar waveguide lasers, fibre non-linearities, nanophotonic materials and devices will also be welcome.  We particularly welcome emerging applications such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Imaging, and Programmable Photonics to mention but three.





Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • design, simulation, modelling and fabrication of optical interconnects

  • optical on chip routing architectures and technologies and related design concepts for high speed

  • low power photonic integrated circuits (PICs)

  • CMOS-compatible optical sources and detectors

  • optimization of light emission and absorption for data processing using materials such as SiGe, SiN, TaO5, III/IVs, etc.

  • advanced monolithic and hybrid processing techniques for the fabrication of photonic structures

  • devices and strategies for the advancement of PICs in silicon and other materials, including advances in testing and packaging



Program Committee

Inigo Molina Fernandez, University of Malaga (ES)


Laurent Vivien, Université Paris Saclay (FR)


Hon-Ki Tsang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (HK)


Hong Wang, NTU, Singapore (SG)


Milan Milosevic, University of Southampton (UK)


Andrew Knights, McMaster University (CA)



Invited Speakers


Title: Micro frequency combs for quantum applications

Roberto Morandotti, INRS Montreal (CA)



Title: Optical physics does digital optimization—which we call Onsager computing-- for machine learning, control theory, backpropagation, etc.

Eli Yablonovitch, UC Berkeley (US)

Title: Heterostructured silicon-germanium-silicon p-i-n avalanche photodetectors for chip-integrated optoelectronics

Daniel Benedikovic, Universite Paris Sud (FR)


Title: Silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit based concept for multi-channel swept-source OCT

Rainer Hainberger, Austrian Institute of Technology (AT)


Title: Silicon nanostructures for sensing and spectroscopy

Thomas Krauss, University of York (UK)


Title: Convergence of CMOS driver and silicon modulator for 100Gb/s optical transmitters

Ke Li, University of Southampton (US)


Title: Broadband silicon photonic mid-infrared devices

Goran Mashanovich, University of Southampton (UK)


Title: High-performance photonic integrated devices with machine learning and optimization

Daniele Melati, CNRS /Paris Saclay (FR)

Title: Long-wavelength resonant antennas for enhanced radiation-nanomatter interaction and nonlinear optics

Luca Razzari, INRS (CA)


Title: High bandwidth density optical I/O based on all-silicon micro-ring modulators and photodetectors

Haisheng Rong, Intel (US)


Title: Building high-performance integrated optical devices using subwavelength grating metamaterials

Alejandro Sanchez Postigo, University of Malaga (ES)


Title: SOI multimode waveguide bend with radially bridged SWGs for broadband (de)multiplexing

Winnie Ye, Carleton University (CA)


Title: Silicon Photonics for Consumer Healthcare Monitoring

Aaron Zilkie, Rockley Photonics (US)


Fundamentals and applications of metamaterial silicon photonic devices

Jens Schmid, National Research Council Canada (CA)