The EOS condemns Russia's military intervention in Ukraine

  • On Monday, 28 february 2022

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The EOS strongly condemns Russia's military intervention, which massively violates international law. The short-, medium- and longer-term consequences for international security and cooperation are hardly foreseeable at present. The values of a learned society like EOS are solidarity, exchange and hope to create a better world together. We are deeply upset by the present situation which goes against all values we defend. Our thoughts go straight to the Ukrainian people, and especially our Ukrainian colleagues.

EOS also sympathizes with the Russian colleagues who refute the aggression of their government and suffer similarly from not being able to freely express their disagreement in their own homeland. The Ukrainian Society of Pure and Applied Optics, USPAO, is an affiliated society of EOS and we will do everything in our power to help to ensure the continuity of our cooperation.

We call on European governments to take immediate action to protect the lives of the Ukrainian population. We renew all our friendship and solidarity in this difficult period to our Ukrainian Colleagues.


EOS President on behalf the EOS Executive Committee