ICO Awards 2022

  • On Monday, 14 march 2022

Nominate your colleague for an ICO award (deadline April 15th)

The European Optical Society is a Member of the International Commission for Optics, ICO. ICO is an affiliated member of the International Science Council of Science (ISC). Its objective is to contribute, on an international basis, to the progress and diffusion of knowledge in the fields of optics and photonics.

Among its activities, ICO awards prestigious international prizes in optics and photonics. The deadline for the ICO awards below is next April 15th. Please contact the chairperson of the respective award committee if you need more information. Attached please find flyers and posters that you can share. Details about the nomination procedure is to be found on the ICO web site at : https://www.e-ico.org



to noteworthy contribution to optics published submitted for publication before the age of 40.

Contact: Prof. Leszek Sirko (sirko@ifpan.edu.pl)


ICO/IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics

to noteworthy contributions to applied optics and photonics during 8 years after PhD.

Contact: Dr. Gilles Pauliat  (gilles.pauliat@institutoptique.fr)


Galileo Galiei Medal Award

to recognize the promotion of Optics under difficult circumstances.

Contact: Prof. Nataliya Kundikova Nataliya (kundikovand@susu.ac.ru)