EOSAM 2023 in Dijon, France

  • On Monday, 18 september 2023

Img20230908170949EOSAM 2023 was held in the beautiful city of Dijon France, 11-15 September, at the congress center. It was organized this year with the French Optical Society (SFO) that is one of the seventeen national optical societies (NOS) of the European Optical Society (EOS). We worked together to ensure a meeting with the highest quality and novel research results in different fields of optics. Thus, nine topical optical meetings, four focused sessions (on selected hot topics deemed to be of special interest to conference attendees), EU Project Sessions, Early Stage Researcher Sessions, and sessions on the industrial mastering of optical technologies and systems were scheduled in parallel in large rooms or the big auditorium to fit our over 500 attendees. The exhibition and industrial program fostered relations between science and industry. All attendees took benefit of the lunch time, the lunch included in the registration made sure all attendees stayed in same location, for a good and efficient networking. After all, EOSAM is the platform for the European optics and photonics community to meet!

A lot of PhD level students attended the conference, over 30% of the attendees were in fact students. Master-level students were also given a chance to come and join the tutorials on Monday. Ten tutorial speakers took the stage before the official opening of the conference on Tuesday: Sébastien Bidault, Julien Charton, Sara Ducci, John M. Dudley, Oliver Fähnle, Philippe Grelu, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort, Rüdiger Paschotta, Roozbeh Shokri, Antoine Dubrouil.

The exhibition involved 20 companies, exhibiting from Tuesday to Thursday. Common for all coffee and lunch breaks was a nice buzzing sound of people excitedly exchanging ideas, information and contacts. Around 90 posters were presented on Wednesday and Thursday, same posters kept on poster boards both days to allow sufficient time for discussions.

EOSAM included a high-level program, with six exceptional plenary speakers and two plenary award speakers:
Thomas Ebbesen, Ursula Keller, Fabio Sciarrino, Valentina Emiliani, Laura Na Liu, Jean-Pierre 

The EOS Prize was awarded to the best paper published in the Journal of the European Optical Society, JEOS-RP, with the title of Optical diagnosis of gastric tissue biopsies with Mueller microscopy and statistical analysis, authored by Myeongseop Kim, Hee Ryung Lee, Razvigor Ossikovski, Aude Malfait-Jobart, Dominique Lamarque, and Tatiana Novikova.

The ICO 2021 Award was handed to Bo Zhen “For his pioneering research on optical bound states in the continuum, exceptional points, and other topological states in photonics”.


To highlight and celebrate people who have contributed to the optics and photonics community, EOS elects Fellows each year from the nominated members of the society. In 2023, the following people were upgraded to the grade of Fellow:

Francesco Baldini

Christophe Moser

Sébastien Tanzilli

Goery Genty also received his 2022 Fellow diploma at the Fellowship Ceremony in Dijon. Congratulations to all Fellows!

For the first time, an honorary member title was given to an exceptional service to the community. As elected by the membership in 2022, Hervé C. Lefèvre received his honorary member trophy at the Honorary member ceremony. Congratulations Hervé!


The EU project sessions, now organized for the seventh time, included 13 projects. The sessions were chaired by Lydia Sanmartí-Vila, ICFO and Richard Pitwon, Resolute Photonics. This year EOS collaborated with Photonics21 for the program, with the support of Michael Wale and his team.

For the first time, EOSAM included Focused Sessions, on selected hot topics deemed to be of special interest to conference attedendees. The sessions highlight several specific areas that reflect the emerging trends in optics and photonics, this year including Specialty optical fibers, Structured light, Chiroptical phenomena, and Machine-Learning for Optics and Photonic Computing for AI.


Industrial program started with relevant tutorials and was continued with the well-attended sessions on Industrial Mastering of Optical Technologies and Systems (“IMOTS” amongst friends), chaired by Oliver Fähnle, EOS industrial committee chair, and Marco Hanft from Carl Zeiss AG. 

The industrial optics podium session focused on successful know-how transfer from R&D to industry. EOS organized the podium together with the European Photonics Industry Consortium, EPIC. The podium was chaired by Oliver Fähnle and Jérémy Picot-Clémente, Technology Manager at EPIC. The  thought-provoking podium included speakers from Applied Materials: Gauthier Brière, Asphericon: Sven Kiontke, Imagine Optic: Samuel Bucourt, Sylentsys: Pierre Brochard, and Tematys: Jacques Cochard.

And what would a great congress in France be without wine and cheese! After the industrial optics podium, we invited all EOSAM participants to meet each other around a great variety of quality cheese and wine. Sufficient to say, there was no attendee leaving home hungry or lacking of a stack of new connections and hands full of new business cards!

The conference dinner is also something to remember, with excellent food and wine, and a fantastic Ukrainian refugee music group for the entertainment.

EOSAM this year was special as our branch member SFO celebrated their 40 year anniversary this year. It was a pleasure to meet founders of SFO, and the presidents and secretary generals throughout the years, and especially people who were there to create the EOS, and who helped to build and develop the platform we have today. A huge thank you to all the pioneers!

EOS always awards the best student presentations at EOSAM, this year sponsored by Bühler, Evatec and Rhysearch. The winners of the awards were:

Thibault Wildi, Deutches Elektronen-Synchotron DESY, Germany
Hritwick Banerjee, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Maxime Romanet, Femto-ST Institute, France

Congratulations to the winners!


Finally, EOSAM authors have the chance to submit an extended paper to the journal with exceptionally low publishing fees. Read more about the opportunity: https://www.europeanoptics.org/pages/jeosrp/scientific-papers/special-issues/eosam-2023.html

A huge thank you to everyone involved and participating at the EOSAM this year! Many thanks to our exhibitors, partners, and sponsors!
The EOSAM 2023 memories will last a long time, and next year in September 2024 we will make new ones in Napoli, Italy. Mark the month of September 2024 for the next edition of the EOSAM scientific conference and exhibition!

Until we meet again,
Elina Koistinen, EOS Executive Director


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