board elections

  • Nomination deadline for Board Elections extended until 31 May

    • On Monday, 27 april 2020

    Due to the current circumstances with covid, we wish to give our members more time to send in nominations for the EOS Board Elections. We ask you to send in the nominations by Sunday, 31 MAY 2020.


    This year (2020) is an election year for the EOS Board and there are four seats to be filled.  We invite you to nominate candidates for election to the Board.  Nominations may be made either by letter or by e-mail.

    If by letter, this must be signed by three EOS members (not including the person nominated).  A letter from the person nominated, accepting the nomination, must also be enclosed (or sent separately). 

    If by e-mail, each of the three EOS members supporting the nomination must send in a separate e-mail indicating their support for the candidate.  (This is important, as the receipt of three separate e-mails is being accepted in lieu of signatures.)  In addition, the person nominated must send an e-mail accepting the nomination. 

    Contact details for both letters and e-mails are given below.


    Please note that all four people involved (candidate and three supporters) must be members (Full or Associate) of EOS.

    Each EOS member is entitled to nominate up to three candidates for election to the Board.  There is no rule to prevent the same three people nominating more than one candidate.  We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to nominate candidates for the election later this year.

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