Internship position open

Gain experience in the high-tech industry at the national and international level
- come for an internship at Photonics Finland and European Optical Society!


Photonics Finland represents companies and operators in the Finnish photonics industry, promoting the industry's development and visibility both nationally and internationally. Together with over 250 individuals and 118 organizational members, it brings together Finnish photonics companies, universities, and research institutes. Photonics Finland organizes e.g., industry events, of which the annual main event OPD brings together more than 300 technology industry professionals.

The European Optical Society (EOS) is an umbrella organization for national optics and photonics societies in Europe and serves as a gathering platform for more than 4,000 corporate, university and individual members worldwide. The EOS office is in Joensuu. EOS organizes e.g., industry and academic events, of which the annual main event, EOSAM, brings together more than 500 top researchers, key leaders, students, and technology industry professionals.


The intern's duties include

• Production and marketing of the OPD2024 (Helsinki 28 - 30 May 2024) event together with the Photonics Finland team

• EOSAM 2024 event (Naples, Italy 9-13 September 2024) production and marketing together with the EOS team

• Implementation of Photonics Finland and EOS communication and marketing materials (e.g. social media and websites)

• Other tasks related to Photonics Finland and EOS operations, depending on the intern's interests


We appreciate

• Cooperation and interaction skills

• Planning and organizational skills

• Self-reliance

• Knowledge and know-how of the media & communications tools and interest in new technologies

• English language skills (the languages ​​of our offices are Finnish and English, but Finnish skill is not required)


As colleagues and support, you have the international Photonics Finland team consisting of technology and media experts, and the international EOS team specializing in event production. Along with the credits you will receive from the internship, you will have a unique opportunity to develop your skills and networks in the field of future key enabling technology, together with a nice, open, and professional team.

The duration and scope of the training is agreed upon according to the trainee's own needs. It can be done either full-time or part-time. The implementation of the internship is a hybrid, where the intern can work remotely as appropriate and, if necessary, at the Joensuu Science Park or Photonics Center premises. The search is continuous, and training starts as soon as the right person has been found!

Tuukka Pakarinen, and Elina Koistinen,, who act as the internship supervisors, provide more information about the task. Please send your application to Tuukka or Elina.


More information:

Photonics Finland and Photonics Finland video.
You should also inquire about the topics of theses and projects, Follow Photonics Finlandia on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


European Optical Society
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